Summer by Sydney

Summer is my favorite season. It always has been. I like summer because you can swim, there’s no school, and my birthday is in the summer! You can also go on vacation. The only one reason I do not like summer is because sometimes it can hit 100 degrees! Then it is steaming hot outside.  The air conditioning  cannot go so high.  But everything else is nice. I love going outside. I also like going to the pool with my friends. I  like ice cream on a hot day. My favorite flavor is  mint chocolate chip. Summer is awesome!

Being Someone Else

By #StarWars1

My class did a unit call Identity Crisis. As part of the unit my teacher told us to write a paragraph about who you wanted to be. This is what I wrote....

I would like to be my mom for several reasons. First of all I would like to be my mom because I would get to be an adult. I wouldn’t have to go to school. I would get to watch movies and TV when I want. I would get to have a job. I could earn cash and spend it on Lego kits like Star Wars. I would get to the movies whenever I want to. I would go see the new Avengers movie and I would get the largest popcorn and a slushy. I would like to be someone but only for one hour.

My Car Project...UPDATE

By #CarGuy

My car project update… 

If you remember from last time, my grandpa bought me a 1971 El Camino for getting good grades. No it is time for my car to get sand blasted. After that all the old paint had to come off before it could get repainted. Then, when it’s done it got towed to the lake house. Next, we put on the front bumper, headlights, the grill and the turn signals. On the back we have to put on the bumper, and brake light covers. We also have to put on the the trim for the bed.  

Be sure to check back soon for another update!

RC Cars

By #CarGuy

Traxxas RC cars are my favorite brand of RC car.They are my because they are many kinds.Some of my favorites are the E-Revo, E-Maxx, Slash 4x4,Summit. Traxxas RC can go very very fast. Some can go as fast as real cars. Traxxas RC cars can do lots of things.  They like jump ramps and curbs. Traxxas RC can cost a lot of money. they cost between 100-800 dollars. On weekends I race people at tracks against other RC cars for fun.

Chicago Bulls Playoffs 2015

By #Bulls23Fan
The Bulls have been doing really good this year and they are in the playoffs.  In the 1st round playoff they played Milwaukee Bucks.  They won five games and lost two games.  So now they are in the 2nd round against the Cavaliers.  They have won the first game against Cavaliers and they lost to the Cavaliers in the 2nd game.  The series is tied 1-1. The schedule of the games against Cleveland Cavaliers are on May 8, May 12, May 14, and hopefully if they tie up the series, they play the 7th game on May 17.   

Avengers Age of Ultron Movie

Avengers Age of Ultron is the sequel the Avengers movie that made $1,000,000,000 at the box office. Avengers Age of Ultron is going came theaters May 1st but many movies now premiere a day before they actually come in theaters.  Avengers Age of Ultron is currently in 2nd place as the most anticipated movies of 2015 (to see this 2nd place movie fast forward to 9 minutes).

Here the trailer to the film....

My Bug Slides

By Sean 

I think bugs are fascinating in a lot of ways.  

Here are some bugs I find fascinating...


By #Bulls23Fan

You can watch the Duke vs. Wisconsin highlights here...

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

By #SuperheroFan

DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY RELEASED TWO TEASERS FOR STAR WARS VII THE FORCE AWAKENS?! The film is coming December 18, 2015. The film franchise bought by Disney. After this film they will release two more sequels. There will be a lot of changes and the same like the Empire will return the stormtroopers will look different the original cast is staying and there will be a new lightsaber called the cross guard lightsaber. I am excited to see this movie.

My Homemade Fire Alarm System

By #ElectronicsGuru

Three years ago I started building my homemade fire alarm system.  It started when I got my first pull station.  It was a Fire Lite BG-12.  A month later my uncle bought me a Radio Shack Pizo Buzzer and a 6-Volt battery.  The following year I was able to retrieve four working fire alarms from local building.  I made one into Porta Strobe with a button on the side and three 9 volt batteries hooked up to make it blink.   i got some back boxes and conduit the mount the system on a  wall in my basement.  This year I got a control panel cabinet and we took it off one wall and put it on a bigger wall.  Now I have homemade working fire alarm system made by me!


By #CarGuy

In December of 2014 my grandpa got me a 1971 El Camino as a gift for having good grades. We have been working on the car on and off the whole winter. It went to the interior shop to get the interior done. It took the guy two months to do seats, headliner,carpet,and the dashboard to do.   Now it's about to go an get painted. We also have to put in the distributor. I can't wait to see it when it is finished.


Coming Soon! Lego Scooby Doo Sets

By #Ninjago
I am super excited about the Scooby Doo Lego sets that are coming out!  The sets will be debut in the Summer of 2015.  I am super excited to get them. Which one are you excited for?

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