Football Highlights Week 6

By Tony

This week on  my Week 6 Highlights I reviewed the NFL Broncos vs.Chargers  (Week 6) | Post Game Highlights

Topics: Injuries

This week's game, Broncos and the Chargers were, Joey Bosa broke his middle finger but he is still playing.

The score was 13-21.

The Broncos almost won but the Chargers had a good game with their defense.

Dan's Powerplay Episode 1

Dan's PowerPlay is a little bit of everything from hockey. This week's on Dan'sPowerPlay I will talk a little bit about the NHL's World Cup of Hockey, the Blackhawk's 2010, 2013, and 2015 parade day and the Blackhawk's cup winnings.

Why Music is Awesome

By Sydney

Music is the best thing ever! There are different kinds of music, like Pop, Country, Rock, Dance and more! I think music helps you concentrate with things you need to focus on.  I listen to it while I am doing my homework.    I like to listen to my favorite artists. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. Their songs have meanings that we can all relate to in life. Another thing I like about music is that you can sing to it. If you know the lyrics and are a good singer then you would be good at it.  Also, music can relax you. I sometimes listen to music before I go to bed.  Music makes me happy and I love it.

The Chicago Teams

By Rene

I like the Chicago Cubs because it’s my  home team. The Chicago Cubs are really good and better than the Chicago Sox. They have speed, batting, running, pitching and catching. I also like them because they beat the White Sox 8-1 on July 27th 2016.
I like the BlackHawks. They are really good at blocking shots. They’re best at shooting and speed skating. I also like them because they won two Stanley Cups.
I like The Chicago Bulls. They have really good players. They have the best player Dwyane Wade on the team. Dwyane Wade is really great at shooting and dribbling. I also like The Chicago Bulls because they have awesome defense and offense.
I like The Chicago Bears. They are fast, tough tacklers and great throwers. I also like them because they beat teams that are better than them.

Below i drew a picture ↓↓

Christino Ronaldo

By Robert

I think Christiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world. This video show how great he is at playing the sport he loves.

The Truck Simulator Series Episode #1

Hello and welcome to The Truck Simulator Series. In this series I will explain, teach and demonstrate how to play the game, get XP and level up.

This week on The Truck Simulator Series I am showing how to drive a truck in Euro Truck.
Next week, I will be demonstrating a truck from the American Truck Simulator Series. I will be borrowing a truck and getting a Scania 143m.

My Cool Diecast Model Collection

By: Connor 

I have 60 diecast model cars and about 350 hot wheels. Diecast model cars are cars that are made out of metal and are built by people. Also, tons of them are sold by Motormax, Ebay, Diecast, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Hot wheels, Big time scale, Greenlight, Maisto, and many more. When I get older I’ll have a lot more.