New Ride #SwagNinja

When my dad told me he sold his old motorcycle I started crying (in a happy way). We had worked on that motorcycle for so long. I remembered the first time he rode it and the first time he started it. I remembered the times it broke down while we were riding it. I was sad because I would miss it but I was so happy that he getting new motorcycle.

My dad was really excited to ride his new motorcycle. Now he has a motorcycle that works. 

This motorcycle you see in the picture’s is my dad’s new 08 Harley Davidson Street Bob. I like riding on it with him. I like when he goes fast (you should always obey the speed limit). I can’t wait to ride to Wisconsin with my dad.

Why You Should Not Eat Ice Cream

I like ice cream. Ice cream is not good for you because it has lots of calories.  That’s why you should not have ice cream every day. You should have it every once in a while.  My favorite flavors are strawberry and coffee ice cream. #sportsninja

South vs Thomas Showdown Basketball Game !!!


Every year South Staff vs Thomas Staff play each other in a charity basketball game.  
Mrs. Baughcum , Mr. Chung, and Mrs. McMains played in the basketball game. All  the students 
from South and Thomas came to the game. The basketball game started at 7:00 pm. They played at Hersey High School.The kids cheered for their school. We had a raffle during  the basketball Thomas won the showdown the game.

Blood Moon By#MineCraftNinja

Airplanes, by #SportsNinja

Airplanes are really cool. They can take you any where you book a flight. They serve you food and drinks like pop and water. They also serve orange juice, which is very good. You usually can pick only one drink per flight. They might ask, “Do you want more?” and that’s ok if you say yes because they asked you if you wanted more. It’s very fun some times on the airplane because, it you didn’t know this, you get to fly in the air and watch movies. They put a movie on on a tv up on the wall that are loosely hanging down. They put movies on so the people on the plane can watch.Hope you enjoyed this,

Special Olympics By#SharkNinja

I was at Special Olympics with my friends. They are: Emma, Jennifer, Bret, Brenna, Sean, Noah, Bo and Kevin. We have lots of Coaches.  We did lots of different events, including bars, floor, vault. My favorite events were Bars And Floor.  We had fun at Special Olympics.

FISH JOKE Week 1 By #SunshineNinja

Why do two fish always race up to a Camera?

Because they want to be first to get a picture video on Chatter Pix.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That's my FISH JOKE for the week!!!
How bought you do you think that's your FISH JOKE for the week.
And that's my FISH JOKE for the week!!!!!

My Guinea pig Named Unknown By #Ninjago

My mom and dad bought her at Feed and Needs. When they brought her home ,my little brother, my two sister's and I were surprised that we got a baby guinea pig. I'm not  sure what kind of guinea pig she is. My family is still thinking of a name for her. We have some possible names for her. She squeaks lots. She likes apple, fresh romaine, broccoli, and carrots. When one of the family members holds her, we always have a towel under her seat. My dog Dacho likes to lick her, but my family is not sure why Dacho does that.

Computers By#SportNinja

You should use computers: Computers are very helpful. There is not just one thing you can do,  you can do a lot of things on computers. You can look up stuff on the internet. You can save paper by typing on a word document .You can look up images on google and you can drag them into a word doc. Computers are very helpful because you can do all sorts of things on it.