How To Make a Interactive Website Part 1

By Jim

Lately I've been into coding websites. I thought it would be helpful to show you how to make a interactive website with html5 and css(Cascading Style Sheet). Before you start you will need Atom from  If you use atom and nothing comes up you type html then enter and the structure will pop up. You will also need to type style and /style in carrot brackets in the body tag to style the site before you start .

Fire alarm system test 2 sneak peek

                                                     System Test 2 sneak peek

In this sneak peek of system test 2 you will see the lights of a surprise. System test 2 will come out sometime next week.

Funny photoshopping

By: AJ

I created two pictures in photoshop. In the car photo I like how all the characters  look in the picture. On the Odell Beckham Jr picture what I like about it was that Patrick is in the picture. I like it more then all the pictures.


BY Dan L. 

In this video, The Chicago Blackhawks will play two games. In one game Marian Hossa scored his 500th NHL career goal. In the other one the Blackhawks won in a shootout. The Hawks lost in the shootout in the 7th round .