I just want to say what an awesome year we have had here at South Middle School. Sixth graders are gonna love it here at South Middle School. There are so many different after school activities that you upcoming 6th graders can do. We have Chess club, Minecraft club and Lego club and Running club and a whole lot more. At South there are a lot of times where you can get help on your homework, like after school or Resource class.  Here at South there are a lot of teachers. I can say a lot of nice things about them. So in conclusion, I hope that you guys as 6th graders enjoy your years at SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Book review

Jill Duggar's 21st Birthday

Growing Up Duggar

This year for my birthday I got a book. The  book is called Growing Up Duggar.   My brother gave me the book. I love the show 19 Kids and Counting on TLC. The show is funny and educational because they are religious people. All of the kids are homeschooled. The oldest girls Jana,  Jill, Jessa  and Jinger wrote the Growing Up Duggar Book. Even though I read a few pages, I think the book is pretty good.

Fashion By #SportsNinja

I don’t know about you but I like the shop clothes stores! Fashion is important because looking nice makes you feel good.  I really like nice clothes like belts, shoes and dress shirts.  Can you can pick a variety of clothes at stores like target, American Eagle and Banana Republic.  Here are clothes you can wear at a wedding dance, school and party.

Lorado Taft

I went to Taft month ago. We stayed a Taft for 2 days. Over 150 kids in my school went. We did lots of fun activities with our group. My favorite thing I did at Taft was the night hike. We stop in a field and played games in the dark. Taft was so much fun! When you have the time you should go!!!.  

Fish Jokes Week 2 By #SunshineNinja

Here is a weighing joke...

Taft By #SingingNinja

This year I went to Taft with my friends and with my teachers! I got to make a frame at arts class.  It was a wooden frame that I decorated with ribbons and rocks.  I got to make a candle at pioneering class. We got use water and candle wax to dip the candle.  I got to sleep in a bunk bed with my friends.  I got the bottom bunk.  I loved Taft a lot!  I had a really good time at Taft with my friends and with my teachers.
Super Volcanoes by #Minecraftninja

Super volcanos are strong. A super volcano caused a ice age. A super volcano almost caused humans to be extinct. Super volcanos are more powerful than a normal volcano. There are five
super volcanos on earth. One of them is in Yellowstone National Park. I think it is scary and awesome that there is a super volcano on our continent. What do you think?

New Ride #SwagNinja

When my dad told me he sold his old motorcycle I started crying (in a happy way). We had worked on that motorcycle for so long. I remembered the first time he rode it and the first time he started it. I remembered the times it broke down while we were riding it. I was sad because I would miss it but I was so happy that he getting new motorcycle.

My dad was really excited to ride his new motorcycle. Now he has a motorcycle that works. 

This motorcycle you see in the picture’s is my dad’s new 08 Harley Davidson Street Bob. I like riding on it with him. I like when he goes fast (you should always obey the speed limit). I can’t wait to ride to Wisconsin with my dad.

Why You Should Not Eat Ice Cream

I like ice cream. Ice cream is not good for you because it has lots of calories.  That’s why you should not have ice cream every day. You should have it every once in a while.  My favorite flavors are strawberry and coffee ice cream. #sportsninja

South vs Thomas Showdown Basketball Game !!!


Every year South Staff vs Thomas Staff play each other in a charity basketball game.  
Mrs. Baughcum , Mr. Chung, and Mrs. McMains played in the basketball game. All  the students 
from South and Thomas came to the game. The basketball game started at 7:00 pm. They played at Hersey High School.The kids cheered for their school. We had a raffle during  the basketball Thomas won the showdown the game.

Blood Moon By#MineCraftNinja

Airplanes, by #SportsNinja

Airplanes are really cool. They can take you any where you book a flight. They serve you food and drinks like pop and water. They also serve orange juice, which is very good. You usually can pick only one drink per flight. They might ask, “Do you want more?” and that’s ok if you say yes because they asked you if you wanted more. It’s very fun some times on the airplane because, it you didn’t know this, you get to fly in the air and watch movies. They put a movie on on a tv up on the wall that are loosely hanging down. They put movies on so the people on the plane can watch.Hope you enjoyed this,

Special Olympics By#SharkNinja

I was at Special Olympics with my friends. They are: Emma, Jennifer, Bret, Brenna, Sean, Noah, Bo and Kevin. We have lots of Coaches.  We did lots of different events, including bars, floor, vault. My favorite events were Bars And Floor.  We had fun at Special Olympics.

FISH JOKE Week 1 By #SunshineNinja

Why do two fish always race up to a Camera?

Because they want to be first to get a picture video on Chatter Pix.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That's my FISH JOKE for the week!!!
How bought you do you think that's your FISH JOKE for the week.
And that's my FISH JOKE for the week!!!!!

My Guinea pig Named Unknown By #Ninjago

My mom and dad bought her at Feed and Needs. When they brought her home ,my little brother, my two sister's and I were surprised that we got a baby guinea pig. I'm not  sure what kind of guinea pig she is. My family is still thinking of a name for her. We have some possible names for her. She squeaks lots. She likes apple, fresh romaine, broccoli, and carrots. When one of the family members holds her, we always have a towel under her seat. My dog Dacho likes to lick her, but my family is not sure why Dacho does that.

Computers By#SportNinja

You should use computers: Computers are very helpful. There is not just one thing you can do,  you can do a lot of things on computers. You can look up stuff on the internet. You can save paper by typing on a word document .You can look up images on google and you can drag them into a word doc. Computers are very helpful because you can do all sorts of things on it.

My Dog Buddy #SwagNinja

My dog Buddy is so awesome. Buddy is so playful. He loves to play fetch, but likes to run away when I try to grab the tennis ball.  Buddy thinks were playing keep away.

 He loves to attack me in the snow. Buddy is so funny when he stinks his head out the window. He also loves to swim at our lake house. #SwagNinja is Buddy’s best friend.

My Dog By #SportsNinja

Hello my friends. I really love dogs. I have a dog that is big.  His name is Major .  he really likes to run outside in my backyard. He likes to run far in the open fields. He likes to fetch for a tennis ball. He runs really fast. He comes back and  I throw it back out in the field.He goes off to go get the tennis ball. He really likes to go on walks with me outside on the sidewalk around my house. I have one thing to tell you: if you want a  dog, you should have it trained by a person who has a dog or you should have a professionals dog trainer to help train your dog. I like chocolate labs because they are really calm and fun to play with.

Sharks By #SharkNinja

Sometimes sharks eat people.  

Sometimes sharks have a Huge mouth.  

Sometimes sharks have scary black eyes.

Sometimes sharks could be monsters.  They have sharp teeth.

Sharks could be dangerous. The Discovery Channel always shows sharks  jumping out the salt water. They are super bad for  people.  Sharks can eat humans.  Some  might bite you with  their teeth.  Sharks are not humans they are animals.


Volcanoes By #MinecraftNinja

My Two Dogs Swiper And Dacho By #Ninjago

These are my two dogs Swiper and Dacho. My mom got Dacho at Rescue Warriors Corp. It is an animal rescuing foundation. My family got Swiper from Barrington Animal Hospital.  

Dirt3 By #SwagNinja

I think you should get Dirt 3. I think you should do this for many reasons. You can do a free-ride. During the free-ride you can crash your car, you can drift, and jump the cars off ramps. You can do races vs. your friends. The thing I like doing the most is Outbreak. Dirt3 is a addicting PS3 and Xbox360 game. 

Outbreak is mulit-player choices of the Xbox360 online. Someone is infected. The person infected tries to chase you and tries get you infected. Once you're infected you go after the people who are not infected. There’s 8 people in the online game of outbreak.