Packers vs Cowboys Divisional game

By: Connor Dietrich

This game was very important because whoever won  will go further in the playoffs.
The Packers had 10 wins and 6 losses and the Cowboys had a record of 13 wins and 3 losses.

The score of the  Packers and Cowboys at the end of the first quarter was 7 Packers and 3 Cowboys. The final score was 34 Packers and 31 Cowboys. One of the great plays of the game was when Dak Prescott passed the football to Dez Bryant for a touchdown to tie the game.

My top 3 funny mascots

By Danny

I like funny videos. Here are 3 funny mascots  videos that I found. I put them into iMove and Edited videos. You can see the full videos on youtube at these channels: Funny Mascots and Iowa Wild. This is Part 1 of a 2 part. Check back in 3 weeks for part 2 .I am thinking to do NBA mascots.

My top 3 mascotsImage result for tommy hawk

Scooter Tricks

By: AJ         
                      Do you know Josh Newber, Jack Dauth and Warick Beyno . Well i'm going to tell you what I like about them in this video i made of them riding scooters and doing tricks. I liked how Jack Dauth does his tricks. I like how Josh Newber Jump over the stares. I like how Warick Beyno jumped the box's.  I like how the whole video came out. Have you ever ridden a scooter? Let me know down in the comments below. 


By: Omar Linares

I saw these high school basketball players in youtube and they were amazing at basketball. Those players are Lamelo Ball and Julian Newman. Lamelo Ball plays for Chino Hills high school. Julian Newman plays for Downey Christian High School. I think Lamelo Ball is the best basketball high schooler. I think Lamelo is better because he’s really good at long threes and half court shots. But I think Julian Newman is good too but I think Lamelo is better.

Komodo Dragons

By : Victoria S.

Komodo dragons are amazing reptiles. They can run up to 12 mph. They can be found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar. They are the world's largest lizard, they can grow up to 10 feet in  length, and weigh up to 300 pounds. They can detect odors just like snakes. They use their tongues to pick up the particles in the air, and put them on the roof of their mouth  where it makes contact with the Jacobson Organ. This organ detects smells. Komodo Dragons rely on camouflage and patience when they hunt. They can spend hours staying in the same spot waiting for passing prey. When the victim passes by, they will run at it with their powerful legs then  attack with their sharp claws and sharp teeth. Komodo dragons have 60 teeth. Their saliva has more than 50 kinds of bacteria, some are deadly. You can die by their bite even though it can be a just scratch. You’ll only live for 24 hours. Their prey die by blood poisoning. Komodo dragons can see 900 feet away, but they have bad night vision.  Komodo dragons are amazing but different than the normal reptiles.

Image result   


By Rene
These moves are the most exciting part of basketball.  Buzzer beaters are when you shoot the ball and the ball goes in the same time the buzzer goes off. Dunks are when you run and bounce the ball and jump slam the ball in the net. My favorite half court shot was the Memphis Grizzlies shot. My favorite dunk is the alley-oop of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. I made this video because my favorite sport is basketball.

My NHL top 5 Goalies

BY Danny

All of the facts are from This is in my preference. Next I will make a top 5 funnest mascots.

Odell Beckham Jr



 I like Odell Beckham Jr. I kind of look up to him. I want people to know how good he was in college and about family.   


Top Ten NBA Crossovers


Omar L

I did this video because I love watching NBA crossovers. If you don’t know what a crossover is, it is a trick to make someone go the opposite way you're going and you make them fall.  There are going to be different players in this video.  I hope you like this video I made.

Water Bottle Flips


I've liked watching the water bottle flipping videos on youtube. I decided to make my own water bottle flipping video. I researched about water bottle flipping. I learned that you have to flip the water battle when it's upside-down in your hand.

The second thing that I learn was that you have to flip it really fast. The last thing that I learn is that the easys flip is two 1/2. The end of this video shows me flipping a water bottle using the upside-down in your hand flip.   

Top 5 plays of the week 10

 By Tony

I picked my my favorite football moments of 2016 and made a video of the top 5 plays of 2016.

Michigan vs Wisconsin: I liked  the play because the player made a one handed catch .

Alabama vs Washington:  Alabama won the the Ring Bowl .

Nebraska vs Washington: The quarterback ran  67 yards and scored a touchdown   It was  a great run.

Ohio State  vs Virginia Tech :The hit by Joey Bosa was probably the  biggest hit of 2016.  It was talked about a lot.

LSU  vs  Georgia : The 54 yard run by TJ  Yeldon saved the game.
I will put in a slide of the top 5 plays and wire about it