My Dog Buddy #SwagNinja

My dog Buddy is so awesome. Buddy is so playful. He loves to play fetch, but likes to run away when I try to grab the tennis ball.  Buddy thinks were playing keep away.

 He loves to attack me in the snow. Buddy is so funny when he stinks his head out the window. He also loves to swim at our lake house. #SwagNinja is Buddy’s best friend.

My Dog By #SportsNinja

Hello my friends. I really love dogs. I have a dog that is big.  His name is Major .  he really likes to run outside in my backyard. He likes to run far in the open fields. He likes to fetch for a tennis ball. He runs really fast. He comes back and  I throw it back out in the field.He goes off to go get the tennis ball. He really likes to go on walks with me outside on the sidewalk around my house. I have one thing to tell you: if you want a  dog, you should have it trained by a person who has a dog or you should have a professionals dog trainer to help train your dog. I like chocolate labs because they are really calm and fun to play with.

Sharks By #SharkNinja

Sometimes sharks eat people.  

Sometimes sharks have a Huge mouth.  

Sometimes sharks have scary black eyes.

Sometimes sharks could be monsters.  They have sharp teeth.

Sharks could be dangerous. The Discovery Channel always shows sharks  jumping out the salt water. They are super bad for  people.  Sharks can eat humans.  Some  might bite you with  their teeth.  Sharks are not humans they are animals.


Volcanoes By #MinecraftNinja

My Two Dogs Swiper And Dacho By #Ninjago

These are my two dogs Swiper and Dacho. My mom got Dacho at Rescue Warriors Corp. It is an animal rescuing foundation. My family got Swiper from Barrington Animal Hospital.  

Dirt3 By #SwagNinja

I think you should get Dirt 3. I think you should do this for many reasons. You can do a free-ride. During the free-ride you can crash your car, you can drift, and jump the cars off ramps. You can do races vs. your friends. The thing I like doing the most is Outbreak. Dirt3 is a addicting PS3 and Xbox360 game. 

Outbreak is mulit-player choices of the Xbox360 online. Someone is infected. The person infected tries to chase you and tries get you infected. Once you're infected you go after the people who are not infected. There’s 8 people in the online game of outbreak.