Jelly Lay Ups

By Omar

I made a video named top 10 Jelly Lay Ups. A Jelly Lay Up
is a lay up but reversed. It is when you quickly switch it to the
other hand and let the ball spin to the backboard and then
score. Players use this move because its cool and because
they can’t get blocked. I made this video because these lay
ups look cool.  I put many players doing the lay ups from the NBA, High school.

Bulletin Board Creation

By Michelle

My bulletin board is about learning because I want
people to try the best that they can. Learning new
things can help people to get a job and do something
good in their life. I picked learning because I want to
do my best and I picked art because I love art. I like
to learn new things in life. It will help me do something
right and can get me a job to help my family and
people who need help.