By Angel
One day at the woods, there was a bear named Fred Rick. Fred Rick couldn’t find food so he went to the campsite. Then, Fred Rick saw his friends. His friends were Bon the Bunny, Foxo the Fox, Lime the Bird, Kittie the Cat, Rack the Raccoon, Doge the Dog, Chicka the Chicken were at the campsite.
Fred Rick said,” Hi everyone.”

Everyone said,” Hi.”

Fred Rick said,” Where is the food?”

Bon said,” I don’t know?”

Lime said,” I might know.” Lime said,” Look in here. I see a secret rusted laboratory.”

Chicka said,” Why is it in an old tent?”

Fred Rick said,” I don’t know?”

Bon climbed into the rusted laboratory.  He slipped and fell on the rusted laboratory floor.
Foxo said,” Are you ok?”

Bon said,” I’m ok.”

Then everyone jumped into the rusted laboratory. Next, Fred Rick saw levers. Bon saw the food in a room.

Kittie said,”Maybe we have to pull the levers to open the room.”  

Fred Rick, Bon, Chicka, and Foxo pulled the levers 5, 4, 0, 2 but, it didn’t work. Doge, Lime, Kittie, and Rack pulled the levers 1, 9, 8, 7 but it didn’t work. Then, everyone started flipping the different levers 1, 9, 8, 3 and it worked. Next, everyone ran to the food. They grabbed the food. They climbed out of the hole using each other like a ladder to get out of the rusted laboratory hole. Finally, they had food for the whole day.

They live happily ever after.

Pikachu Drawing

By Angel
I did a big Pikachu drawing! This is how I did it. First, I grabbed a big piece of paper. Next, I grabbed a pencil, colored pencils, or markers and crayons.  I taped the piece

of paper on the wall. I drew the outline with a pencil and included the head, the body, the arms, the legs, and the tail. Then, I colored the head down to the legs with yellow, black, and red colored pencils. Next, I colored the head first. Then, I colored the body. Next, I colored the arms. After, I colored the legs. I was done. I felt proud about myself.

The Rainbow Cardinal Drawing

By Angel
I drew a rainbow cardinal for the yearbook cover contest.  The thing that I like is the colors. I liked the light blue and magenta because when I mixed them it made a galaxy color. Next, there is nothing that I don’t like about my picture. I feel proud because I worked on this at home, at school and very hard on it. Also, it looks colorful.

Pusheen Cat

By Linnea
I drew three Pusheen cat drawings.  I drew one as a mermaid, one holding pizza and another birthday one. I'm going to hang them over the bulletin board outside the classroom.I drew them because I thought that they were really cute and adorable. I really enjoyed drawing The Pusheen cats. I hope you like it.

7 Tip How To Be A Better Hockey Player

By Lucas
1. It’s important to practice shooting a puck.

2. The two types of shots you need to know are the
wrist shot and the slap shot.

3. When you have your hockey stick on ice you
measure your stick up to your
chin and that’s when you know
you have the right size stick.

4. You need hockey pads because
you can get body checked
(when you push another
person) and you can get

5. You need the right size for
hockey skates and you need
laces for skates and you need
your skates to be a little bigger
so your toes won’t be crammed

6. Work on hockey skills outside
and practice stick handling
outside and play a hockey game
outside with your friends.

7. When your on ice you have to
be on to feet on the ice you got
push forward with your right foot and
sprint really fast.


Drawing Optical Illusions by David T.

I drew optical illusions. I chose this project because I thought it would be fun to draw. I like the drawings because they look realistic. I thought it was going to be easy to draw but it wasn’t. I had to start small and simple. I could have done better if I practiced drawing illusions first. Overall I thought it was fun and I would like to do it again.

Up Drawing

By Linnea
I drew a picture of the Up house and put balloons on strings above it. I wanted it to look like it was flying. I really wanted to make the Up house because it was very colorful and I liked the movie. Drawing the house was very fun. I hope you like it.


By Amber 
I drew the Frankenstein Guitar. The guitar was owned by Eddie Van Halen. It has lots of lines and colors on it so people wouldn’t be able to copy how it looks.

Jelly Lay Ups

By Omar

I made a video named top 10 Jelly Lay Ups. A Jelly Lay Up
is a lay up but reversed. It is when you quickly switch it to the
other hand and let the ball spin to the backboard and then
score. Players use this move because its cool and because
they can’t get blocked. I made this video because these lay
ups look cool.  I put many players doing the lay ups from the NBA, High school.

Bulletin Board Creation

By Michelle

My bulletin board is about learning because I want
people to try the best that they can. Learning new
things can help people to get a job and do something
good in their life. I picked learning because I want to
do my best and I picked art because I love art. I like
to learn new things in life. It will help me do something
right and can get me a job to help my family and
people who need help.

Minions Love

By Michelle
I picked the Big Minions because I love minions.I picked Minion because it was my first time draw a big Minion. Minion are very yellow and love to play with.If there was a real life Minion  for sale I would want to buy lots of them so that I don’t get bored at home with my sisters. Minion are fun to draw and color. It was fun to draw and color.

By Linnea
I really enjoy sports and also I love to draw. I'm really happy how this project turned out. I did the Blackhawks because it represents me in a lot of ways. All the colors, hockey and Chicago. For my next project I hope to create more Giant Sports pictures.

Transforming | An Original Song

By Rene

             I made my song because I like listening to music. I love listening to music because it makes me feel relaxed. Also, I’ve always wanted to make a song. The first part was after the beginning and I made it because I don’t know what people like so I put one part gentle. The last part was relaxing and had more beat to it. Mostly, made the song because I love music.

Top 10 MLB Baseball Plays

By Linnea
I love baseball and I wanted to show all the great plays in baseball. Most of the plays are catches. Hope you like the video!

Sports Bloopers and Fails

By Linnea F.

Here is a lot of different funny sports bloopers and fails. I got all the clips off of Youtube from 3 different videos. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!

My TOP 3 youtubers


I like to make tops videos.This one is important to me because I like to watch and make YouTube videos.I will make more top 3 videos in the future. The Part 2 in the mascot video will come out when I get back from spring break. Image result for roman atwood

Packers vs Cowboys Divisional game

By: Connor Dietrich

This game was very important because whoever won  will go further in the playoffs.
The Packers had 10 wins and 6 losses and the Cowboys had a record of 13 wins and 3 losses.

The score of the  Packers and Cowboys at the end of the first quarter was 7 Packers and 3 Cowboys. The final score was 34 Packers and 31 Cowboys. One of the great plays of the game was when Dak Prescott passed the football to Dez Bryant for a touchdown to tie the game.

My top 3 funny mascots

By Danny

I like funny videos. Here are 3 funny mascots  videos that I found. I put them into iMove and Edited videos. You can see the full videos on youtube at these channels: Funny Mascots and Iowa Wild. This is Part 1 of a 2 part. Check back in 3 weeks for part 2 .I am thinking to do NBA mascots.

My top 3 mascotsImage result for tommy hawk

Scooter Tricks

By: AJ         
                      Do you know Josh Newber, Jack Dauth and Warick Beyno . Well i'm going to tell you what I like about them in this video i made of them riding scooters and doing tricks. I liked how Jack Dauth does his tricks. I like how Josh Newber Jump over the stares. I like how Warick Beyno jumped the box's.  I like how the whole video came out. Have you ever ridden a scooter? Let me know down in the comments below. 


By: Omar Linares

I saw these high school basketball players in youtube and they were amazing at basketball. Those players are Lamelo Ball and Julian Newman. Lamelo Ball plays for Chino Hills high school. Julian Newman plays for Downey Christian High School. I think Lamelo Ball is the best basketball high schooler. I think Lamelo is better because he’s really good at long threes and half court shots. But I think Julian Newman is good too but I think Lamelo is better.

Komodo Dragons

By : Victoria S.

Komodo dragons are amazing reptiles. They can run up to 12 mph. They can be found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar. They are the world's largest lizard, they can grow up to 10 feet in  length, and weigh up to 300 pounds. They can detect odors just like snakes. They use their tongues to pick up the particles in the air, and put them on the roof of their mouth  where it makes contact with the Jacobson Organ. This organ detects smells. Komodo Dragons rely on camouflage and patience when they hunt. They can spend hours staying in the same spot waiting for passing prey. When the victim passes by, they will run at it with their powerful legs then  attack with their sharp claws and sharp teeth. Komodo dragons have 60 teeth. Their saliva has more than 50 kinds of bacteria, some are deadly. You can die by their bite even though it can be a just scratch. You’ll only live for 24 hours. Their prey die by blood poisoning. Komodo dragons can see 900 feet away, but they have bad night vision.  Komodo dragons are amazing but different than the normal reptiles.

Image result   


By Rene
These moves are the most exciting part of basketball.  Buzzer beaters are when you shoot the ball and the ball goes in the same time the buzzer goes off. Dunks are when you run and bounce the ball and jump slam the ball in the net. My favorite half court shot was the Memphis Grizzlies shot. My favorite dunk is the alley-oop of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. I made this video because my favorite sport is basketball.

My NHL top 5 Goalies

BY Danny

All of the facts are from This is in my preference. Next I will make a top 5 funnest mascots.

Odell Beckham Jr



 I like Odell Beckham Jr. I kind of look up to him. I want people to know how good he was in college and about family.   


Top Ten NBA Crossovers


Omar L

I did this video because I love watching NBA crossovers. If you don’t know what a crossover is, it is a trick to make someone go the opposite way you're going and you make them fall.  There are going to be different players in this video.  I hope you like this video I made.

Water Bottle Flips


I've liked watching the water bottle flipping videos on youtube. I decided to make my own water bottle flipping video. I researched about water bottle flipping. I learned that you have to flip the water battle when it's upside-down in your hand.

The second thing that I learn was that you have to flip it really fast. The last thing that I learn is that the easys flip is two 1/2. The end of this video shows me flipping a water bottle using the upside-down in your hand flip.   

Top 5 plays of the week 10

 By Tony

I picked my my favorite football moments of 2016 and made a video of the top 5 plays of 2016.

Michigan vs Wisconsin: I liked  the play because the player made a one handed catch .

Alabama vs Washington:  Alabama won the the Ring Bowl .

Nebraska vs Washington: The quarterback ran  67 yards and scored a touchdown   It was  a great run.

Ohio State  vs Virginia Tech :The hit by Joey Bosa was probably the  biggest hit of 2016.  It was talked about a lot.

LSU  vs  Georgia : The 54 yard run by TJ  Yeldon saved the game.
I will put in a slide of the top 5 plays and wire about it  



Scott Darling Blography

By; Danny, L

Link to youtube to see video

I like Scott Darling.  He is a really good goaltender.  He makes a lot of saves.  He played for my second favorite team, Arizona  Coyotes. Now he plays for my favorite team,The Chicago  Blackhawks

Top 5 Stephen Curry Plays Of His Career

Stephen Curry is very good at basketball. He is amazing  at making Threes.  I like watching Stephen Curry brake nba players ankles (breaking ankles is when you do a basketball trick or move to make the other player fall so you can score).  He is  good at dribbling and he always does different moves.

How To Use Adobe Premiere Pro

By Jim

If you make videos you have to know how to edit videos. You may use imovie, Final cut pro, sony vegas, or Premiere pro. Imovie is free, Final cut pro is $299, sony vegas is 399.95, and premiere pro is 19.99 a month I will show you how to use Premiere pro, it is easy once you figure it out. When I started I had a lot of trouble but i watched a video and I can make really good videos on it. On a Scale of 1 to 10 one being easy and 10 being hard I say it is a 7 over all it is a good software.

How To Make A Interactive Website Part 2

By Jim

In today's video I will show you how to make the about page.

Top 5 Moments By Tony

This week I picked  my favorite football moments.

  1. Michigan vs Wisconsin: I liked  the play because the player made a one handed catch.
  2. Alabama vs Washington:  Alabama won the the Ring Bowl .
  3. Nebraska vs Washington The quarterback ran  was 67 yards and scored a touchdown. It was great run.
  4. Ohio State vs Virginia Tech The hit by Joey Bosa was probably the  biggest hit of 2016.  It was talked about a lot.
  5. LSU vs Georgia  The 54 yard run  by Joey B  saved the game

How To Make a Interactive Website Part 1

By Jim

Lately I've been into coding websites. I thought it would be helpful to show you how to make a interactive website with html5 and css(Cascading Style Sheet). Before you start you will need Atom from  If you use atom and nothing comes up you type html then enter and the structure will pop up. You will also need to type style and /style in carrot brackets in the body tag to style the site before you start .

Fire alarm system test 2 sneak peek

                                                     System Test 2 sneak peek

In this sneak peek of system test 2 you will see the lights of a surprise. System test 2 will come out sometime next week.

Funny photoshopping

By: AJ

I created two pictures in photoshop. In the car photo I like how all the characters  look in the picture. On the Odell Beckham Jr picture what I like about it was that Patrick is in the picture. I like it more then all the pictures.


BY Dan L. 

In this video, The Chicago Blackhawks will play two games. In one game Marian Hossa scored his 500th NHL career goal. In the other one the Blackhawks won in a shootout. The Hawks lost in the shootout in the 7th round .  

Sakura Trees

by Victoria

Sakura trees are trees  with pink leaves. Sakura trees are actually are cherry blossom trees  but in Japan they call them Sakura. Sakura leaves are naturally pink. There are  over 200 different kinds of cherry blossom trees with different names. There are Unko, Kwanzan and Shogetsu trees, Each cherry blossom tree might only bloom for up to a week.

Kwanzan trees have the brightest pink cherry blossoms. Unko cherry blossoms are white and Shogetsu cherry blossoms are yellow . Cherry Blossom trees can grow fruit. Cherry Blossom trees don’t live for very long. They live for 30 to 40 years. Most Cherry Blossom flower have five petals but the blossoms on a Kwanzan tree have twenty eight petals on one flower.Cherry Blossom trees usually bloom in early April.  Washington DC and Japan both have the title of "Cherry Blossom Capital of the World." The Cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower. I think they are very beautiful. They are my favorite trees ever!
Image result for Shogetsu treesImage result for cherry blossom

Why the Chicago Cubs are so amazing.

By Rene
I made a video about the amazing Chicago Cubs. Enjoy the video!!!

Week 9 Highlights

By Tony

This week on my Week 9 Highlights I reviewed the NFL  Cowboys  vs. Browns. Post Game Highlights. I am sharing the injuries. This week the cowboys  and the  browns The score was 35-cowboys and browns-10. Joe haden pulled his leg muscles and was sack 2 times in a row.

Football Dance

This week’s topic is  football celebration. First of all I like how Odell Beckham Jr. hits the folks. Another thing I about this video is when David Wilson does two backflips. Also I think  it is great when Johnny Manziel did the Ronaldo. Finally I love  how Kenny Stills does his dance moves.

My Top 3 Plays of NFL Week 2

By Adrian
This week on my top plays of the week I am sharing three of my favorite football plays. My first clip is football players getting ready for a game. Adrian Peterson does pushups to get ready for a game. The second clip shows Peyton Manning throws a pass to Emmanuel Sanders. I like how Payton manning  throws the ball because it was a great pass. My final clip is when Austin Seferian-Jenkins gets a pass from his quarter back. I like how Austin Seferian-Jenkins catches the ball. It was a hard throw and it wasn't easy to catch. I'm excited how these guy are going to do next week .

Fire Alarm System Update

By Jim
At the end of 2015 I improved my fire alarm system. The system has a conventional panel, meaning it has zones. It has two zones and one NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit). In the Winter of 2015 I received a new fire alarm panel. This new panel stays on when I reset the pull station. This makes it safer.

I will have a system test every week on my youtube channel.

Right now, I feel that this system is ok. It only puts out 12 volts DC which is not enough to power some alarms, but it works. I hope in the future to get a better panel that will make the horns that do not work.

What to see more about my fire alarm system? Check my video from 2015