Sakura Trees

by Victoria

Sakura trees are trees  with pink leaves. Sakura trees are actually are cherry blossom trees  but in Japan they call them Sakura. Sakura leaves are naturally pink. There are  over 200 different kinds of cherry blossom trees with different names. There are Unko, Kwanzan and Shogetsu trees, Each cherry blossom tree might only bloom for up to a week.

Kwanzan trees have the brightest pink cherry blossoms. Unko cherry blossoms are white and Shogetsu cherry blossoms are yellow . Cherry Blossom trees can grow fruit. Cherry Blossom trees don’t live for very long. They live for 30 to 40 years. Most Cherry Blossom flower have five petals but the blossoms on a Kwanzan tree have twenty eight petals on one flower.Cherry Blossom trees usually bloom in early April.  Washington DC and Japan both have the title of "Cherry Blossom Capital of the World." The Cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower. I think they are very beautiful. They are my favorite trees ever!
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