My Dog By #SportsNinja

Hello my friends. I really love dogs. I have a dog that is big.  His name is Major .  he really likes to run outside in my backyard. He likes to run far in the open fields. He likes to fetch for a tennis ball. He runs really fast. He comes back and  I throw it back out in the field.He goes off to go get the tennis ball. He really likes to go on walks with me outside on the sidewalk around my house. I have one thing to tell you: if you want a  dog, you should have it trained by a person who has a dog or you should have a professionals dog trainer to help train your dog. I like chocolate labs because they are really calm and fun to play with.

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  1. #SportsNinja what a beautiful dog!! Also, what a lucky dog. How happy Major must be to play ball with you and run. I'm tired just reading about all the things you do with him. Great advice about getting them trained!