Airplanes, by #SportsNinja

Airplanes are really cool. They can take you any where you book a flight. They serve you food and drinks like pop and water. They also serve orange juice, which is very good. You usually can pick only one drink per flight. They might ask, “Do you want more?” and that’s ok if you say yes because they asked you if you wanted more. It’s very fun some times on the airplane because, it you didn’t know this, you get to fly in the air and watch movies. They put a movie on on a tv up on the wall that are loosely hanging down. They put movies on so the people on the plane can watch.Hope you enjoyed this,

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  1. I love to travel to far away places so I have been on lots of planes. This summer I will be flying to Egypt! Where have you traveled to? Last month I was on a plane, and I was disappointed that there was no movie. They only show movies on the long flights across the ocean on that airline. Ms. Zaky , Canada