The Chicago Teams

By Rene

I like the Chicago Cubs because it’s my  home team. The Chicago Cubs are really good and better than the Chicago Sox. They have speed, batting, running, pitching and catching. I also like them because they beat the White Sox 8-1 on July 27th 2016.
I like the BlackHawks. They are really good at blocking shots. They’re best at shooting and speed skating. I also like them because they won two Stanley Cups.
I like The Chicago Bulls. They have really good players. They have the best player Dwyane Wade on the team. Dwyane Wade is really great at shooting and dribbling. I also like The Chicago Bulls because they have awesome defense and offense.
I like The Chicago Bears. They are fast, tough tacklers and great throwers. I also like them because they beat teams that are better than them.

Below i drew a picture ↓↓

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